3 problems of teaching oral english

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Teaching speaking skills 1

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I. Past problems in non-major ELT in China

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Oral Language Development and ELLs: 5 Challenges and Solutions

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3 Problems of Teaching Oral English

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Oral English is a course that can strengthen and develop the ability of communication disciplines, and teachers should make full use of this teaching made to develop the ability of students' oral communication systematically It is generally accepted that all roads lead to Rome.

All these problems, I claim, bear out the inevitable defects in the present pedagogical symbolic order about Chinese ELT, i.e. the fundamental conception of English and English teaching in China.

The first problem concerns with the suitability of the Standard English model enforced by the national syllabus. From day one teach your students classroom language and keep on teaching it and encourage your students to ask for things and to ask questions in English.

Giving positive feedback also helps to encourage and relax shy students to speak more. I don't have a sound knowledge base of teaching oral English in terms of the construct of oral English, theories underlying teaching, methods choice in oral English instruction, etc.

I think I will still rely heavily on my learning experience as student. Causes of the problems 6 Students’ factors in their oral English learning 6 Linguistic factors that influence students’ oral English learning 7 Weak basic language knowledge of the students 7 Language itself 7 Non-linguistic factors that influence students’ oral English learning 8 The lack of.

The focus of teaching speaking, of course, is to improve the oral production of the students. Therefore, language teaching activities in the classroom should aim at maximising individual language use (Haozhang, ).

3 problems of teaching oral english
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