A level english literature coursework questions

General Certificate of Secondary Education

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AQA A Level English Literature Past Papers

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A-level English

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Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in English is now a three-year syllabus (). We have updated the aims in the syllabus, but the emphasis remains the same - to encourage learners to enjoy reading a wide range of international texts and to develop their skills in Literature.

Course Summary: As an English Literature student you will delve into a wide range of novels, plays and poems with an open and inquisitive mind.

AS English Literature: Coursework Plan(Entire Question)

You will develop your analytical skills by examining a broad spectrum of texts from modern masterpieces to classic work and debate rival interpretations. You will see how texts reflect the [ ].

English Literature is for you if you enjoy reading a variety of books, being involved in exploring and analysing texts and if you are prepared to question and debate ideas about literature.

English Literature Dystopian Fiction Essay (A* Coursework) My A2 coursework which earned 29/ My essay explored the effect of dehumanization within dystopian literature, primarily focusing on Margaret Atwood's "Handmaid's Tale" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

A level english literature coursework questions
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