Espionage in war

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6 Traitorous Cold War Spies

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Can You Hear Me Now.

42 Classified Facts About Spies And Espionage In The Second World War

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Spying in the Civil War

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Cold War espionage

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Secret War in Shanghai: An Untold Story of Espionage, Intrigue, and Treason in World War II [Bernard Wasserstein] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shanghai during World War II was a killing field of brutal competition, ideological struggle, and murderous political intrigue.

China's largest and most cosmopolitan city. After Israel attacks and tons of ordnance, Iran has not halted its deepening military foothold in Syria, only switched tactics, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. Jun 27,  · News about the Russian Spy Ring ().

Commentary and archival information about the Russian Spy Ring () from The New York Times. The two were sent to the electric chair at New York State’s Sing Sing prison on June 19,marking the first time American civilians had ever been executed for espionage.

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Espionage During the Cold War. Many Hollywood spy movies take place during the Cold War. One of the most famous fictional spies is James Bond, a British MI6 agent involved in various espionage.

Espionage in war
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6 Traitorous Cold War Spies - HISTORY