Maghribi traders

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Maghribi Traders

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How Ancient Trade Changed the World

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A. Greif: Economic Institution through Economic History

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They allege, based on anecdotal evidence and an interpretation of the secondary literature, that the relations among merchants and agents were founded in law. Role of Culture in Economic Organization [GRIEF] Examples: Maghribi traders, Genoese traders “Collectivist” – developing countries • Social structure is segregated – each individual socially and economically interacts mainly with members of a specific religious.

Contract Enforceability and Economic Institutions in Early Trade: The Maghribi Traders' Coalition Created Date: Z. Reputation and Coalitions in Medieval Trade: Evidence on the Maghribi Traders Created Date: Z. Edwards and Ogilvie () dispute the empirical basis for the view (Greif, e.g., ) that multilateral reputation mechanism mitigated agency problems among the eleventh-century Maghribi traders.

Reputation and Coalitions in Medieval Trade: Evidence on the Maghribi Traders.

Maghrebi Arabic

27 Pages. Reputation and Coalitions in Medieval Trade: Evidence on the Maghribi Traders. Author. Avner Greif.

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Files. 1 of 2. Reputation and Coalitions in Medieval Trade: Evidence on the Maghribi Traders.

Maghribi traders
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